Mike’s Computer Repair

Mike DiLauro is one of our loyal placemat advertising customers in the Kittanning area. Jane and I think of Mike a lot, not just for our own computers but for helping others with their computer needs, too. You may have seen his ad on our placemats in local restaurants. If not, here is his ad for your enjoyment AND hopefully a lot fewer computer problems in your future.

If Zach answers the phone, that’s “Plan B” for when Mike can’t get to the phone himself.

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2021 is a year with lots of potential…

The past few years have gone by so fast some of us older adults lost track of time. For those with young grandchildren, you might wonder how they grew so TALL so FAST. For those with new businesses, you might have done very well for yourself or you might be still struggling. We want to help.

Watch for new advertising tools on our sister website Local4all.com (same owners) and opportunities to earn credits toward a free ad that you can use yourself or give to a friend if you don’t need it.

We’re planning an online store with Kittanning merchandise, too.

Changes worth mentioning:
Carl has invested a significant amount of time putting together “Carl’s Spotlight” that ties in with Local4All Advertising and “Spot Color or Spotlight, Your Choice”. Businesses and nonprofits making a significant contribution to the community will be eligible to participate at no cost. Call 724-548-7249 with your suggestions.
Watch this space for more….

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Kittanning dot com’s welcome back

It seems like many days and nights have passed through the calendar since our last post. Recently we have taken a fresh look at our content, deleted a bit, and now we’re adding back. If possible, we’ll introduce a new style calendar that is easy to read, easy to post, and easy to duplicate an event’s content with a new date OR in a different town nearby.

Today I’d like to thank Google for archiving links on KDC to the days and nights of Mothman Prophecies filming in Kittanning in 2001. It was a time of excitement (the filming itself) and foreboding, as in “When will we be able to get Richard Gere’s autograph?”

If you’d like to revisit that content, do a Google search with “Mothman site:kittanning.com” as your search string.

For those of you who have recently come back for a visit, welcome!

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First snow 2018

For those of  you who remember the four seasons of the year in western PA, we have just passed a pivotal moment…  from waiting for the first snow of 2018 to “It’s here!”

For those of you who are doing your “remembering” of Kittanning from an armchair in sunny Florida or any of several other southern states, we don’t envy you too much.  Home is where the heart is.


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Approaching another “Monthiversary” (updated)

11/11/2019 update:  Jane and I continue to have a strong marriage and praying together is one of the keys.  We are both active in our church (Scrubgrass Stone Church in eclectic Eau Claire, PA) and in community activities.  This Friday we plan to attend a marriage retreat in New Castle, PA where the main presentation is “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” by Mark Gungor.  Pastor Mark has a lot of videos posted on YouTube but I can point you to the best ones and can send you clickable links in email.

11/12/18 update:  Jane and I have now celebrated 14 ‘monthiversaries’ and we are still going strong.  She has semi-adopted a neighborhood cat (treats, cat-food, litter box, sleeping on the end of our bed, etc. ) named Ginger and all was well until Saturday night when Ginger’s legal owners brought all their cats inside for the night, including Ginger.  It was really cold outside, so it was good that Ginger was indoors somewhere.  Jane went through some mild withdrawal/depression and grieving until Ginger reappeared at our door the next afternoon.

Nov 2017:  Jane and I have attended two family weddings in the past two months besides our own and it’s all ‘good stuff’.  Nephew Lucas Reddick married his long-time sweetheart Fawn up in Mercer County at Lake Latonka exactly one week after Jane and I tied the knot, then Jared Holmes married another long-time sweetheart Jenna last weekend on October 29th down in Lanexa, VA.  It was a long drive but we stopped and saw friends both going and coming… even attended church in Hagerstown, MD, where Jane used to live.

Re News, hoping to add more soon.


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Local History Neglected

Thanks in part to new commissioner Jason Renshaw, I was able to have a sit-down with all three commissioners and talk about economic development ideas which would include tourism and storytelling.  I was amazed when none of the three could answer a question I asked them about local history.

For this one-question quiz, let’s describe local as “within 20 miles” of Kittanning.

Question:  What was the FIRST EVER military medal awarded in what would become the United States of America?

If you know, leave a comment below but DON’T give the answer, ok?

Clue #1:    The awarding of this medal occurred 20 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Clue #2:  Benjamin Franklin was involved.

The internet is the happy hunting ground of the future.  Yes, you can find the answer there with a good.  For fun and maybe getting the answer, NOTHING beats asking your friends.  See how many of them are stumped, too.  Compare stories.  HAPPY HUNTING!

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Crowd-FUNDING, one way we can empower local entrepreneurs

I posted in 2016 about crowd-sourcing and it either didn’t grab too many listeners or everyone went their own way and QUIETLY thought about it.  Here is something new and I’m absolutely certain we need it in Armstrong County and all the surrounding counties, too…  crowd-funding expertise which might make or break a small company starting out on a shoestring budget.

A little bit of what I know:

  1. A lady in Erie County, PA, launched a Kickstarter campaign and it reached its targeted dollar amount in only TWO HOURS!  She was assisted by a professor and several students from Mercyhurst College.
  2. IUP’s Tony Palamone said not long ago their SBDC has more demand than they can handle.
  3. An innovative shower fixture targeted $100,000 and used the headline “70% less water, better shower experience.  It raised over $3.1 MILLION!
  4. A local elementary school wanted a “maker space” where students could make things and learn job skills.  With the help of mostly sixth graders, they targeted $15,000 and raised more than $19,000 to buy the equipment they needed.

Links to my Kickstarter research:

I’d like to hold some brainstorming sessions here at the office to see if ‘collectively’ we might be able to help local entrepreneurs build local jobs.  I have quite a few ideas of my own, too!

Carl  724-548-7249
View Carl Bromley's LinkedIn profile View Carl Bromley’s profile

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Kittanning Panoramic Photo

2021 Update from Carl: I’ve decided to make this photo available framed or unframed, your choice. Until the e-commerce pages are set up, you can call my cell phone and ask for pricing. I am willing to barter, set up a licensing agreement, or engage in profit-sharing (fundraising) with the right person(s) or nonprofit group.

Kittanning as seen from Applewald

Posted by Carl:  This photo was taken in 1997 when I was brand-new in Kittanning.  I had a decent digital camera for its time, an Epson PC-10, now a relic up on a shelf somewhere.  Don Toy of Toy Bros Photography printed me two, maybe three copies, then asked me how I shot this picture which was 7 1/4″ tall x 20″ wide.  To the best of my knowledge, panorama photography had not yet been invented!

I remember smiling just a little bit as I reenacted my photo shoot.  Holding my Epson camera up nearly at eye level, I said “click” while my right index finger pretended it was taking a picture, rotated about 10 degrees left, “click”, rotated again, “click”, and my last 10 degrees of rotation and click included the bridge.  There’s a bit more to it that that, you can ask me in person.

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Ford City Heritage Days

2021 update:  This information has been preserved for historical purposes and our goal of preserving a sense of community for our readers.  In posts of this type, contact information is often deleted when it serves no useful purpose.

Title: Ford City Heritage Days
Location: Ford City PA
Link out:  Deleted (the website no longer exists)
Description: The Ford City Area Heritage Days celebration provides the region with ethnic food, crafts, 5K Run/Walk, parade, fireworks, children’s rides and activities along with free entertainment coinciding with the July 4th weekend. It has become the perfect time for former residents to return home to renew old friendships as well as plan class and family reunions.
Start Date: 2011-06-30
Start Time: 18:00
End Date: 2011-07-04
End Time: 22:00

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Genealogy Committee Meeting

2021 update:  This information has been preserved for historical purposes and our goal of preserving a sense of community for our readers.  In posts of this type, contact information is often deleted when it serves no useful purpose.

Title: Genealogy Committee Meeting
Location: Mildred Lankerd Thomas Genealogy Library – 300 North McKean Street, Kittanning, PA
Link out:  Deleted (website is not available)
Description: The Genealogy Committee of the Armstrong County Historical Museum and Genealogy Society will have their monthly meeting on Sunday, July 10, 2011 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in the Mildred Lankerd Thomas Genealogy Library – 300 North McKean Street, Kittanning, PA. The Apollo Historical Society will do a Power Point Program on the Drake Log Cabin. It is believed to have been built in 1816 and the only remnant of the original permanent settlement which eventually grew into the Borough of Apollo. It is the oldest building in Apollo and one of the oldest in Armstrong County.
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2011-07-10
End Time: 16:00

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