2017-18: About us (updated)

Most recent:  Andrew Laddusaw expressed an interest in updating the KDC website and I suggested we use the site to promote his YouTube videos.  Stay Tuned!

There is another fairly recent change at Kittanning Dot Com that few of you know about, yet….  On Sept 9th, 2017, I married Gloria Jane Youngblood in the smallest city in the USA, Parker, just a few miles up the Allegheny River from Kittanning.  Jane is her preferred name although she is known by both names in different circles.

Today we started looking at the KDC website with a goal to improve it using the advice and suggestions of friends and neighbors to guide us.  Along the way, we are improving Google Maps (added the ampitheater as a place and labeled North Park to differentiate it from Riverfront Park to the south of Citizen’s Bridge).

Did you know that the Fellowship Hall owned by First United Methodist Church (FUMC) Kittanning was not properly identified until a few minutes ago?  God works in mysterious ways, does He not?  That’s the same building that was used for movie extras to gather in and stay warm when Richard Gere and Laura Linney were in town filming Mothman Prophecies.  It is also frequently used for Red Cross Blood Drives and for an art exhibit during the annual Fort Armstrong Folk Festival.

Are there any other locations in Kittanning that need help?  Let me know!  Carl