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Carl’s story:  In 1997, I returned to Pennsylvania after living some 20+ years in California and, with the help of a friend who took me on a driving tour of western PA,  found what I considered a ‘great place’ by the great water of the Allegheny River. While driving up N. Water Street and down N. McKean in 1996, I fell in love with the architecture, tree-lined streets, and a tranquility I sensed among the people I saw on the sidewalks. Less than a year later, I moved in.

Some months after moving to Kittanning and on a lazy summer day, I found a simple brochure at the Tourist Bureau office called ‘The Walking Tour of Kittanning’ and decided to walk along the streets they showed.  Wow!

With a historical perspective added to the architecture, it was enjoyable to the point I HAD to share it with others.  To that end I went home, grabbed my Epson PC10 digital camera, and started taking pictures.  By the end of the afternoon, the online version of the Kittanning Walking Tour was uploaded to my website, carlbro.com.  Later, when I found out that Kittanning.com was available, I grabbed it, too.

From the feedback, it seems many folks have enjoyed it and this website is dedicated to preserving their comments and publishing anything else that will connect the past, present, and future of Kittanning folk.

Relax and enjoy!

Carl Bromley
Kittanning, PA
1997 – present (and counting)

3 Responses to About Us

  1. I grew up here in Armstrong County and attended my first year at the IUP branch campus (1966/1977 academic year) when it was in town. That is when I learned to love the architecture. I moved back to Armstrong County in 2005 and it has been great getting reacquainted with this lovely town.

    I saw your link on Chris Anthony’s site. I too am a WordPress developer.

  2. Carl Bromley says:

    Speaking of architecture, have you noticed the designs via inset bricks in the building where Senator White’s office used to be? I think the United Way is still there but I haven’t visited for many moons.

    Another architectural wonder in Kittanning is the diversity of chimney design. It seems the bricklayers went out of their way so every chimney would be a bit different from all others.

  3. Jennifer Klingensmith Hayes says:

    I was born and raised in Kittaning . This tour was just like a visit home. Knowing other people will get to see and know our little piece of the world is just wonderful. I myself have walked through the very streets I see on your tour and feel as though I am back home. You have taught me something about my home that I never knew. Thanks for making my day.

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