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  1. Ruth says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can give me info about the Gallows and hangings that took place at the old jail. the last hanging was 1905. thanks.

  2. carl says:

    I had a tour of the old jail a few years ago. What a tourist attraction that could be if it was open to the public. Spooky place!

  3. Doug Spiller says:


    I’ve just blundered across your Photo of the house called’Finlay’ and the information about Phoebe nee Finlay and her husband Adolphus Frederick Stewart-Linton.
    I am researching Adolphus Frederick and any connections he may have had
    You mention that they lived between Kittanning and England.
    I believe that I have much information that may be of interest at your end. I would appreciate contact


  4. carl says:

    Doug, you might be able to get more historical information from They have direct links to both the Historical Society and Genealogical Society from their website. Click above

  5. Rich says:

    What happened to the Indiana U of Pa branch campus on N Mckeon St? I attended decades ago and I don’t see it there anymore…

  6. Pete Harmon has some history and recent photos of the former IUP Center property, Rich:

  7. LeAna Buckey says:

    I was adopted out of the courthouse in Kittanning in 1949. I was named after LeAna House who worked at the courthouse in the “clerk of courts dept. Her husband (Leslie/Leroy) was supposed to be a judge at the time. I can’t seem to find any info on them although I remember going to their house when I was very young with my parents. Water St. seems to ring a bell somehow, but I could be wrong. Can you help me find any info on them? I woud really appreciate it

  8. ralph says:

    I am trying to find information on a man named William J. O’Neil. He lived in your town in the 1970s, and he was regarded as a healer of sorts. I am doing research for a story about him. If anyone recalls him or his work, please let me know. Especially, if anyone can remember a Tracy Stover or a Susan John. They were supposedly healed by Bill when they were children. I will look here for any replies. Thanks.

  9. LeAna Buckey says:

    In 1949 Christina “Clara” Yount gave birth to a baby girl. At that time she had been living in the Schodell home in Gilpin Twp. Does anyone know who the father was? I’m sure someone is still living who knows this information. Please help me in my search. Clara later married Michael Ihnat in Perth Amboy and lived there till she passed in 1989.

  10. carl says:

    I’m very glad he liked it. Carl

  11. Marge McClelland says:

    Good afternoon! What was the Wick City Saloon called before it was the Wick? Who owned it? In 1950. I would walk in-between the buildings. I think it was called the OrrAve Hotel but I’m interested what the bar was called and who owned it in the 50’s. Hope you can help. Thank you

  12. carl says:

    I hope someone from the Historical Society will see this and post a reply for you. Good luck! Carl

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