PT Telemarketer, “work from home” near perfect!

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Butler, Kittanning
Posted 1 year ago

We will train the right person for this position.  All that stigma that sales reps are worse than dirt, let that go.  There is a high road and we invite you to be on it.

This isn’t rocket science but it’s a vital part of our business.  As often as we print “Your ad here” on our placemats, customers don’t ring our phone off the hook begging to be on our placemats.  We don’t have a waiting list.  If you know how to make that happen, make sure to call me so we can put your plan into action and get you paid for your expertise.

“Your ad on 10,000 placemats in the ___________ area for $119” should be a fairly easy sell unless 1) you talk a customer out of it or 2) both of you know it’s not a good fit. 

Good pay!  Commissions start at $40 per completed sale and there are two bonus levels on top of that based on results. 

Flexible schedule:  You work the hours you want on the days you want.

Call 724-548-7249 if you want more information. 

PS/FAQ:  Why is this job near perfect instead of perfect?  Many people don’t have the self-discipline needed to work from home and actually DO the phone calls needed instead of thinking about doing phone calls.  If you are self-motivated, this might be the perfect job for you.

Employer name:  Local4All Advertising
Contact:  Carl Bromley
Phone:  724-548-7249

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