May 21 Civil War Event

Saturday May 21, 2011, at the McCain House, 300 North McKean Street, 10 am to 4 pm.

The Armstrong County Historical Museum & Genealogy Society present:

General Ulysses S. Grant

Drawing of Union General Ulysses S. Grant
Remembering the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Ladies Tea 12:00 noon until 1 pm.

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Civil War 150th Anniversary Event

From Larry Smail via Facebook:

Greetings all those interested in the Civil War:…. please plan to attend, this Saturday, April 23rd from 10:00 to 4:00 to honor the 150th anniversary of that great war known as the CIVIL WAR. Civil War historians and reenactors will be present at the ARMSTRONG COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The museum is located at 300 North McKean Street in Kittanning!

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Every community website should have a nostalgia discussion area and is no exception.

Enjoy some of the best memories shared with Carl through email and the KDC discussion board from 1997-2011.  Feel free to add your own.

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The History of Kittanning is at, a new website

Just in case you haven’t heard of it yet, several individuals have created to celebrate the history of Kittanning and act as a community magnet site.  One of the new groups on the site is Market Street Nostalgia.

Co-creators Pete Harmon, Kathy Graff, and Christopher Anthony have included photos and enabled comments through a WordPress blog.  Like, its value lies in attracting new content from the community.

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Merry Christmas to All

And to all…….

A chance to help rebuild Kittanning Dot Com from the ground up.

As advertised on the Kittanning area placemats (Local4All), I am looking for help deciding what is good content and putting it online.  I’ve talked to Borough Council members over the past 8-9 years about using the site to communicate with the public at no charge… just let me know what you want.

Well, now the Borough can designate a person to represent them on my committee.  Jerry Shuster, a professor of Communications?  Betty?  Connie?

How can this help?  This past week I called Rick McMillen about building permits.  Why can’t the answers to Frequently Asked Questions be online instead of waiting for a call back to set up an appointment?

Can the Pavilions in Riverside Park be rented?  It seems yes but only if you contact the Borough by phone.  What does it cost? Is Betty the right person to talk to?  Connie?  Someone else?

Any new ideas for events need to be considered by the Borough Council?  Why not post them online and get some feedback first?  Maybe it’s already been tried and failed 5-10 years ago?  2-3 years ago?  Maybe the reason ideas failed is that nobody knew who the contact person is/was.  Maybe the reason it failed is that nobody knew a way to handle a discussion without meetings after meetings.  KDC is an alternative.

What you can do to help: Keep in touch with this discussion.  Help us eliminate obstacles.  If anything doesn’t make sense, let us know.  If we can do something better, let us know.

Office:  724-548-7249


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CB on Talk of the Town Show

It was great, even better than I expected.

Captain Dave Rhodes was there as the second guest of the evening and, prior to going on the air, we talked about how the Red Kettles are doing, how his wife is doing (slipped and fell, doing ok), and about plans to start a new Cub Scout pack in downtown Kittanning after the Christmas Holiday rush is over and they have a chance to grab a breath or two.

On the air, David Croyle played the genial host and essentially allowed me to set the tone of the conversation, follow up with some good questions that illustrated what I was saying, etc.  What he found out was that there is a lot more to Local4All than meets the eye.  He found out that Carl Bromley’s passion is helping others and that I have both ideas and plans for tourism and economic development.

Hopefully there will be a web-based video of the show that I can link to before long.

Links to web pages that were highlighted:

  1. – one of four maps we talked about eventually.  This is the map for Crooked Creek Lake and it’s claim to fame is that, in eight years of being Race Director there for the Crooked Creek Triathlon, I never gave turn by turn directions once to an athlete and never had one complaint about getting lost on the way there.
  2. – River’s Edge Canoe & Kayak.  Neill and Evelyn opened for business in 2007 and the satellite photo at that time was so out of date n0body could figure out how to get out of the river back to the store.  What they didn’t know was that the satellite photo was out of date by 3-4 years and what had been a dense jungle was now a clear path from the riverbank to the road and store above.
  3. – Wilder Business Park.  This map had the pointer on the wrong side of the street for six years and nobody noticed.  When they did ask for it to be upgraded, what they didn’t realize was how easy Carl is to get along with.  The photo on the right was flipped over so North would be at the top, relabeled and, for good measure, the Boat Ramp and access road were highlighted.
  4. #4 map, drawing a blank.  I’ll have to refer to notes!
  5. – the main page, it has ‘doors’ to information about the Local4All tools for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

David closed the segment with a nice plug for placemat advertising and showed their ad on the current Kittanning placemat.  Dave, thank you and good luck with your show for all time.  Merry Christmas from Local4All.

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Light Up Night in Kittanning – Nov 19th

Festivities start at 5:30 pm on Market Street.  See below for more details from the Tourist Bureau website.

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Looking for volunteers to rebuild KDC site

Want to help rebuild this website?  Call Carl and volunteer a few minutes, hours, or years of your time if you have the same passion for Kittanning that many of us have.

It’s easy, dial 724-548-7249 or email

Have suggestions?  Let us know.

And, THANKS for spreading the word.

Carl Bromley

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A friend is missed

I received an email this morning from a young lady only asking that I post AJK is loved and missed… a young man from West Kittanning died of a drug overdose earlier this month and, seemingly, might have been saved by friends if they had made the right choices and taken the right actions.

As I’ve heard many times in recent past years, “Drugs Kill Dreams” and now this young lady will not have her friend in her future, just memories of him.

R.I.P. A.J.K.  Your untimely passing may save one or more of your friends.  God be with you.

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We do not have challenges and frustrations…

“We do not have problems and frustrations, we have challenges and opportunities.”

Former Applewold resident Burton Apple can’t attend his class reunion in Kittanning tomorrow but has recently been contacted by classmates via email and that has started the “Way Back Machine” – Burton’s memories of Kittanning many years ago.

  • He recalls a jewelry store on Market St. – O’Donnell’s? with a clock on a pedestal in front.  The hands pointed to the 8 and 4 but never moved.   Burton wanted to confirm this, hence the call.
  • He remembers as a very young child sitting with the workers building Citizens’ Bridge and eating out of their lunch pails.
  • He remembers going to school at the McCain House on N. McKean St and, yes, the two names are not spelled the same.

So many memories, so little time to share them all.

Speaking of memories, the quote at the beginning of the post was spoken by a General while Burton was serving in the United States Air Force.  If anyone knows who or where, please let us know so we can give credit.

Burton, thanks for your call this morning.  I enjoyed it  – a lot!

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