Welcome back, Buss Cravenor

Buss, nice of you to drop a line.  I am looking for guest contributors and moderators for this new version of KDC.  Check it out a little and give me feedback, ok?

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Changes underway, WordPress in the works

Using an ever-more-popular content management system (CMS), we are trying to allow more visitors to contribute to the site without the chaos of past years.  The Walking Tour, Message Board archives, Comments from afar… all are available, it just takes time to weave them into the new fabric.

Anyone have WordPress experience? Blogging?  Comment below a little bit about your ties to Kittanning and, if it applies, how you would like to help.

Kittanning events:  Post your details here on my zip-code-sorted Local4All website – links are welcome if you already have details online.  Find local events here.



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Changes to KDC

  • Deleted some ancient html files
  • Uploading WordPress plugins (WP-Cycle is nice, click on ‘photos’ in the top menu)
  • Added the ChangeLog category
  • Debugging the Events calendar
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Help wanted – graphic design

Are you artistically inclined?  Show off yourself and Kittanning at the same time by creating a header image for this blog.  Size: 920 x 154.  Formats: jpg, gif, png

Email them to carl@kittanning.com and make sure to include your full name and, if you will, a phone number too.  I promise not to sell it, trade it, or anything else you wouldn’t like.

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Walking Tour Link fixed

Jill, take a bow.  You were the first to alert me to the broken link to the Walking Tour.  It’s fixed, enjoy!

For anyone looking for an easy way to get there, click on the Picture-Purrfect link above.  Enjoy!

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Welcome (back) to Kittanning!

Overlooking Kittanning and the Allegheny RiverWelcome to Kittanning.com.  The links below will lead you to the site favorites except for the Message Board.

Online Walking Tour – a photo essay
Comments from Kittanning folks gathered since 1997
Events (includes nearby areas, too)
Custom maps (created with the Local4All mapmaker tool)
Nonprofits (partial list includes churches)
Businesses (partial list)

Another passion of this Kittanning guy is the Local4All website where you can add your USA event, nonprofit or business to our local directories, check HERE.  You can even create custom Google maps to help visitors find their way around western PA. An example: the War Memorial Wall is m37.local4all.com.

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