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Click on any picture to start the online walking tour of Kittanning, PA.

Editor’s note:  It appears the slide show has a glitch.  Thank you, Kathy Graff for noticing and writing about it.  Is FireFox the problem?  An old version of WordPress?  Click here to start until it’s fixed.

PS:  Turns out the glitch was a WordPress plugin that was deleted, now reinstalled and working.  Muchas gracias to Kathy Graff for the solution.

5 Responses to Walking Tour

  1. Jake Lane says:

    I just wanna say I love this site the pictures are so beautiful.

  2. Kim says:

    I was facinated to see these pictures. I would like to know if these places have landmark signs. I grew up in Ford City and have family living in Kittanning. I noticed these home because of there unique beauty. As a tourists, I don’t think they would stand out as well. Where is the park? What I love about Kittanning is the park at the river with the Kittanning bridge and Dam. Its a beautigul scenery. I hope you continue to iimprove this web site. Thanks for doing a good job.

  3. carl says:

    There are two gazebos in the south end of the park starting near Sheetz and ending at the Citizens Bridge (Business 422) at Market St. The older gazebo in the north end of the park is at the foot of Arch St.

    Here is a clickable link for Google’s map of Riverfront Park: Click here for map

  4. I grew up in an area very close to Kittanning but have always considered myself to be a Kittanning resident (currently living in York, PA). Many of my family members still reside in West Kittanning and surrounding towns. While Kittanning isn’t the bustling town it once was, it still has many fine attributes – such as the beautiful historic buildings featured on your website. Whenever I get home to visit my family, the friendliness of the people stands out here. Because I rarely experience this atmosphere where I now reside, it’s always a breath of fresh air to get back home.

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