Carl Bromley
Kittanning, Pa.

Hello. Be it ever so humble, this is what the world looked like before WordPress and other web-authoring tools made life easier and websites look MUCH better. As you can see, I am still playing catchup.

If you don't mind, I'll be your host for a few minutes while we tour downtown Kittanning, a lovely small city on the east bank of the Allegheny River. Wow, there sure is a lot to see in western Pa., and you're in for a treat here.

Did you know that Kittanning is right smack dab on the Armstrong Trail? You can bring your bikes and ride the trail or simply drive in and take a walk. Either way, it's a nice place to visit.

Kittanning has an amazing variety of architectural styles as the founders of new businesses in the 1800's expressed their preferences in the commercial buildings and residences they created. We'll take a look at some of them, although the absolute best way to see them is get away from your computer and into the car. Coming to Kittanning will be a relaxing and pleasant adventure for your whole family.

For those of you with the time to come into town who want a preview, take the tour with us here and then I'll tell you where to start when you arrive in real life. You can pick up a "walking tour" brochure of Kittanning there, map included, and also information on many other interesting places in Armstrong County.

Location map: Armstrong Co. Tourist Bureau

Ready to walk? Let's start at the courthouse.
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Individual pages have been developed for all the locations above; clicking on the picture will take you to the tour AT THAT SPOT. You can continue from there or jump back to the original tour page. The "walking tour" brochure available from the Armstrong County Tourism Office has additional information on many of the sites on the tour.

Enjoy your stay in Kittanning, Pa.

Designed for your enjoyment by host CARL BROMLEY

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