Welcome (back) to Kittanning!

From Bluff Street overlooking Kittanning and the Allegheny River

Welcome to Kittanning.com.  The links below will lead you to two of the site favorites but, unfortunately, not the Message Board. We do have some of the messages archived and will bring them back as our workload allows.

Online Walking Tour – a photo essay
Comments from Kittanning folks gathered since 1997

Another passion of this Kittanning guy is the Local4All website where, in years past, you could add events to a local calendar, upload photos, and more.  We’re hoping it makes a comeback soon.

4 thoughts on “Welcome (back) to Kittanning!”

  1. Jill, take a bow… you are the first to tell me about the broken link to the Walking Tour. Thanks and enjoy.

  2. I couldn’t find a place to start a new thread… I left Kittanning in 2004 for Atlanta, and have lost touch with 2 friends I’d like to communicate with again. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Diana Bauer or Bob Winter (or either of his sons, Ryan and Evan), please let me know. Bob used to work at Armstrong Microelectronics, which also became Beyond Wire, but it seems they have moved or gone out of business. You can email me at laura@laurafranklin.com or laurafranklin86@gmail.com. I don’t know if I’ll get notified if someone responds to my comment. Thanks!
    Laura Franklin

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