We do not have challenges and frustrations…

“We do not have problems and frustrations, we have challenges and opportunities.”

Former Applewold resident Burton Apple can’t attend his class reunion in Kittanning tomorrow but has recently been contacted by classmates via email and that has started the “Way Back Machine” – Burton’s memories of Kittanning many years ago.

  • He recalls a jewelry store on Market St. – O’Donnell’s? with a clock on a pedestal in front.  The hands pointed to the 8 and 4 but never moved.   Burton wanted to confirm this, hence the call.
  • He remembers as a very young child sitting with the workers building Citizens’ Bridge and eating out of their lunch pails.
  • He remembers going to school at the McCain House on N. McKean St and, yes, the two names are not spelled the same.

So many memories, so little time to share them all.

Speaking of memories, the quote at the beginning of the post was spoken by a General while Burton was serving in the United States Air Force.  If anyone knows who or where, please let us know so we can give credit.

Burton, thanks for your call this morning.  I enjoyed it  – a lot!

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