CB on Talk of the Town Show

It was great, even better than I expected.

Captain Dave Rhodes was there as the second guest of the evening and, prior to going on the air, we talked about how the Red Kettles are doing, how his wife is doing (slipped and fell, doing ok), and about plans to start a new Cub Scout pack in downtown Kittanning after the Christmas Holiday rush is over and they have a chance to grab a breath or two.

On the air, David Croyle played the genial host and essentially allowed me to set the tone of the conversation, follow up with some good questions that illustrated what I was saying, etc.  What he found out was that there is a lot more to Local4All than meets the eye.  He found out that Carl Bromley’s passion is helping others and that I have both ideas and plans for tourism and economic development.

Hopefully there will be a web-based video of the show that I can link to before long.

Links to web pages that were highlighted:

  1. http://m18.local4all.com – one of four maps we talked about eventually.  This is the map for Crooked Creek Lake and it’s claim to fame is that, in eight years of being Race Director there for the Crooked Creek Triathlon, I never gave turn by turn directions once to an athlete and never had one complaint about getting lost on the way there.
  2. http://m12.local4all.com – River’s Edge Canoe & Kayak.  Neill and Evelyn opened for business in 2007 and the satellite photo at that time was so out of date n0body could figure out how to get out of the river back to the store.  What they didn’t know was that the satellite photo was out of date by 3-4 years and what had been a dense jungle was now a clear path from the riverbank to the road and store above.
  3. http://m29.local4all.com – Wilder Business Park.  This map had the pointer on the wrong side of the street for six years and nobody noticed.  When they did ask for it to be upgraded, what they didn’t realize was how easy Carl is to get along with.  The photo on the right was flipped over so North would be at the top, relabeled and, for good measure, the Boat Ramp and access road were highlighted.
  4. #4 map, drawing a blank.  I’ll have to refer to notes!
  5. http://www.local4all.com – the main page, it has ‘doors’ to information about the Local4All tools for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

David closed the segment with a nice plug for placemat advertising and showed their ad on the current Kittanning placemat.  Dave, thank you and good luck with your show for all time.  Merry Christmas from Local4All.

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