Merry Christmas to All

And to all…….

A chance to help rebuild Kittanning Dot Com from the ground up.

As advertised on the Kittanning area placemats (Local4All), I am looking for help deciding what is good content and putting it online.  I’ve talked to Borough Council members over the past 8-9 years about using the site to communicate with the public at no charge… just let me know what you want.

Well, now the Borough can designate a person to represent them on my committee.  Jerry Shuster, a professor of Communications?  Betty?  Connie?

How can this help?  This past week I called Rick McMillen about building permits.  Why can’t the answers to Frequently Asked Questions be online instead of waiting for a call back to set up an appointment?

Can the Pavilions in Riverside Park be rented?  It seems yes but only if you contact the Borough by phone.  What does it cost? Is Betty the right person to talk to?  Connie?  Someone else?

Any new ideas for events need to be considered by the Borough Council?  Why not post them online and get some feedback first?  Maybe it’s already been tried and failed 5-10 years ago?  2-3 years ago?  Maybe the reason ideas failed is that nobody knew who the contact person is/was.  Maybe the reason it failed is that nobody knew a way to handle a discussion without meetings after meetings.  KDC is an alternative.

What you can do to help: Keep in touch with this discussion.  Help us eliminate obstacles.  If anything doesn’t make sense, let us know.  If we can do something better, let us know.

Office:  724-548-7249


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