First snow 2018

For those of  you who remember the four seasons of the year in western PA, we have just passed a pivotal moment…  from waiting for the first snow of 2018 to “It’s here!”

For those of you who are doing your “remembering” of Kittanning from an armchair in sunny Florida or any of several other southern states, we don’t envy you too much.  Home is where the heart is.

2023 comment from Carl: Today might be the last snow of 2022-23.

As I scan the website content for pages and posts to update or delete, I have fond memories of the Message Board that used to have visitors and comments from all across the USA. One in particular was from Fred Klugh who remembered sitting in the grass above the Kittanning bridge just watching the cars and trucks go back and forth. What a life that would be if we could do that now!

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