Kittanning dot com’s welcome back

Nov 2019: It seems like many days and nights have passed through the calendar since our last post. Recently we have taken a fresh look at our content, deleted a bit, and now we’re adding back. If possible, we’ll introduce a new style calendar that is easy to read, easy to post, and easy to duplicate an event’s content with a new date OR in a different town nearby.

Note from Carl, 2023: Looking in back office records, I found out it was one year and two days since my last post. There’s a story to it but I’ll leave that for another time. There are too many exciting things going on right now.

2019 again: Today I’d like to thank Google for archiving links on KDC to the days and nights of Mothman Prophecies filming in Kittanning in 2001. It was a time of excitement (the filming itself) and foreboding, as in “When will we be able to get Richard Gere’s autograph?”

If you’d like to revisit that content, do a Google search with “Mothman” as your search string.

For those of you who have recently come back for a visit, welcome!

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