2021 is a year with lots of potential…

The past few years have gone by so fast some of us older adults lost track of time. For those with young grandchildren, you might wonder how they grew so TALL so FAST. For those with new businesses, you might have done very well for yourself or you might be still struggling. We want to help.

Watch for new advertising tools on our sister website Local4all.com (same owners) and opportunities to earn credits toward a free ad that you can use yourself or give to a friend if you don’t need it.

We’re planning an online store with Kittanning merchandise, too.

Changes worth mentioning:
Carl has invested a significant amount of time putting together “Carl’s Spotlight” that ties in with Local4All Advertising and “Spot Color or Spotlight, Your Choice”. Businesses and nonprofits making a significant contribution to the community will be eligible to participate at no cost. Call 724-548-7249 with your suggestions.

Update: If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the post from March 2023 “Help for Kittanning”.

Clarification: My goal is to help where I can with western PA at the center of my heart but I’ll help on any project if it seems like God put me there for a purpose.

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