New Business Plan: Help Kittanning

To my former neighbors and co-volunteers in Kittanning, I am finally at a point where I can try to help Kittanning more through my website and a completely new business, Carl’s Idea Hatchery and Business Incubator. I have many ideas of my own and I’m willing to help you with yours. If your neighbors have ideas that could be successful in the marketplace, let’s all have fun together. Do you believe in win-win? Let’s talk!

Carl's Idea Hatchery Business Card

My new business card was just approved today. I highly recommend Richard Hines if you need a new calling card for yourself or your business. You may or may not know I am the owner of Local4All Placemats which has placemats in Garda’s and other local restaurants. Richard designs those ads and does the overall layout too.

If you need help in any way, I am well connected to over 1000 people through LinkedIn. If I can’t help you enough by myself, I’ll do my best to get you connected, too. Call 724-548-7249 or email me at with subject line “Need help”.

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  1. Another option: Send email to me with subject line “I’m frustrated”. Additional punctuation is up to you. Venting?

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