Celebrating friends, customers, and long-term partners in volunteerism

Some of you may already know about me leaving Kittanning for a new more God-directed life, marriage plus one step further, my wife Jane and I bought a house in New Castle where her mother could move in and live with us. I still have fond memories of Kittanning (Armstrong Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at the Fort Armstrong Folk Festival and more).

Several of my stories may turn into video interviews… if you would like to be one of my on-camera interviewers, post a comment or send me an email at carl.e.bromley@gmail.com.

Re long-term customers, please forward my thanks to Byers Taxi Airport Service, Murray Auto Electric, and Armstrong Associates Federal Credit Union. We’ve had more than a few restaurants using our Local4All Placemats… many thanks to all the owners, managers, and servers who helped us “get the word out for less” for our MANY customers since 2007.

Until my next post, have a great day!


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